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We are SEOZA. An SEO Agency made in London. We do SEO. We do it well. Make your business thrive online. Choose SEOZA. The best SEO agency in London.

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Welcome to SEOZA. We are a London based SEO agency, a team of practitioners of search engine optimisation and we consider ourselves to be the very best at what we do.


If you have an online business then you'll be very aware that organic traffic, traffic derived via search engines, is the largest driver of traffic to the majority of web based businesses. Online businesses sometimes struggle to generate traffic, not because the product or service that they offer is bad but because they aren't maximising the impact of their website, content or themselves online.


At SEOZA we are here to fix that issue for you. Our London based team of SEO's help businesses like yours to thrive online. We help online businesses like yours to get more traffic by optimising your website to be found by your customers via search engines. We help your business to be it's best by improving it's visibility in search engines.


Here at SEOZA we love SEO. We love what we do. If you are looking to grow your business using SEO then we need to talk to you. We are a results driven SEO agency, we are winning when our customers are winning. If this sounds like the type of SEO agency you would like to talk to then give us a call or drop us an email.


We help online business to thrive on the web. Get in contact and let's make your business even more successful. 

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We manually review and audit websites to assess their strengths. To find out more about our free SEO audits click the link. More on SEO Audits.

Link Building.

Make your website more authoritative, drive traffic & increase it's visibility. Find out more about our link building services by clicking the link. More on Link Building.

SEO Strategy.

Having an SEO strategy is the starting point for driving traffic to your website. To find out more about our SEO strategy click the link. More on SEO Strategy

UX &


Websites need to work for yiour customers and search engine. They need to convert traffic. To find out more about our UX & CRO services click the link. More on UX & CRO.

Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is the backbone of the digital marketing and SEO campaigns. To find out more about Content Marketing click the link. More on Content Marketing.



Is local business important to you? You need to rank better in the local map pack. Find out more about our Local SEO services by clicking the link. More on Local SEO

Our Approach.

At SEOZA our approach to SEO can be summarised as effective, ethical and enduring. We play the long term game creating SEO campaigns that deliver. Using only white hat techniques and inline with Googles rules we create traffic driving SEO strategies that help our clients businesses thrive online. 

We focus on quality in everything that we do. From quality content to quality link building strategies. We make sure that our customers websites are better, not just for search engines but for the users and visitors that they serve. We seamlessly integrate SEO into the content creation process. Making sure that user experience box is always ticked. Easy to understand content should likewise be anything but difficult to discover, and that implies incorporating SEO in each progression of the procedure.

Content and content marketing has never seen such huge investment. Marketers have to drive return for that investment. Streamlining and scaling quality content creation affordably has become the new priority for the marketer or online business. Content must be effective for both the user and search engines.

At SEOZA we make sure that we understand the customer or site visitor. We create content that will deliver traffic. SEO is applied at every step of the process. We then promote that content and guarantee that the target users will find it. At SEOZA we apply our four pillar SEO process to everything that we do. We then track, assess and report its effectiveness. Optimsiing, rinsing and repeating the process. 

Our four pillars underwrite our SEO process. Understanding the user or customer. Creation of quality content. Our team live and breathe technical SEO. We make sure that content is promoted and found. 

User Experience.







User experience is keenly monitored by Google, it wants to deliver not only the right result but it also wants to deliver the right experience for its users. Google uses user experience as part of its ranking algorithm, if your site is bouncing customers, if they don't stay long or view to few a pages then there may be an issue with your UX. We assess and fix UX issues so that your website becomes more effective at converting your customers as well as at ranking in the SERP's.

The phrase 'content is king' has never been so relevant in SEO. Making sure that your website is stacked with quality content and creating yet more has become the backbone of SEO and digital marketing as a whole. We can re-write existing content, we will create even more high quality content in both a scalable and affordable way. Content loads the SEO gun and our London based team of writers can help you to create effective content that drives traffic.

We love coding. At SEOZA we love technical SEO too. There are so many issues that can impact user experience or even render your website unable to rank. Technical issues need to be fixed and websites need to be easy to use and navigate for search engines too. From mountains of 404's to duplicate content, incorrect redirects to bad server set ups. To be successful online your website needs to be in the best technical order to thrive on the web.

Making your site is an authority is the key to website promotion. If search engines consider your site to be an authority then it will rank your content over less authoritative sources. We help websites become such sources. We help distribute your content, we make sure that your content is seen. From link building to creating then disseminating copy through social channels, our team have seen it all and tried it all. Put your websites promotion in expert hands at SEOZA. 

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Contact SEOZA.

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Claim your Free SEO Audit.

Do you want us to let you know our thoughts on your site? For a free - produced by humans - SEO audit, get in touch with us. Let us know your websites address and we'll audit your site for free.



Are you responsible for a marketing team? Do you have a web developer or marketer that you want to learn SEO? Perhaps you are looking to up skill yourself. We provide SEO training at our office in London, or we can come to you. Our SEO trainers are experts in their field. The best SEO's in London. So if you would prefer to manage your SEO from inside the business, no problem. We can put together an SEO training packaged that helps develop your team or yourself. Let us know by the contact form and we'll come straight back to you.  

Other Services.

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Why choose SEOZA.

At SEOZA we live, breathe, rinse and repeat SEO. We know that your website will not succeed online without it. We love to rank sites. Our customers love what we do. If you feel that your business should be doing better online, getting more traffic, more leads or more customers then we need to talk to you. If you want to work with the best SEO agency in London then you should choose SEOZA. SEOZA helping online business to thrive. 

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