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UX or how useable a website is important for both search engines and our customers. More and more Google wants to perfect it's search results. Google doesn't want to just provide the most relevant websites it also wants to provide the best customer experience. If your website bounces customers or they do not spend long on your site it will consider this a bad experience, you will not be able to rank in the search engines if your site is not providing a great experience for your customers. Making sites useable is one thing, but websites also need to convert customers. CRO or conversion rate optimisation is the process of better optimising a website to convert website visitors into customers. Our team of analysts will study a websites analytics, pour over the detail and create a strategy that improves the UX and conversion rate of a website. At SEOZA we will not only deliver traffic to your website but we will also make sure that it converts!


UX CRO Agency London

Our approach to UX & CRO.

UX or User experience and CRO or Conversion rate optimisation have a lot in common. In fact they are so intertwined they can almost be considered the same. 

UX is the process of making a website easier to use by a potential customer. Improving the customer journeys, making sure that a customer can get from A to B easily and without friction. CRO is about refining the sales process. Optimising that website visitors journey so that they ultimately convert into a sale or lead. 

Aside the obvious benefits of improving how your website works and converts, it is also an important ranking factor. Google is always striving to deliver better results. Not just in terms of relevance to the search term, but also better in terms of customer experience when they arrive at the selected site. Google monitors how site users interact with a website. If they bounce after visiting just one page it may deem that site either irrelevant for the search term or to be providing a bad user experience. This is particularly relevant for mobile search. If a website is not mobile friendly Google will not promote that site within mobile search, indeed it also notifies it's users as to whether a site is mobile friendly or not. 

If you are still catering for the desktop experience, have a higher number than average of site visitors that bounce or your dwell time is low you may need to consider reviewing your UX. Improving the customers experience and refining your customer journeys. 

At SEOZA we provide UX and CRO services that site right alongside our SEO works. We make sure that when a customer arrives at your site they take pleasure in interacting with you and your business. We refine customer journeys so that they convert. We re-design customer journeys, sometimes websites, we use psychological principles to underline our strategies. We monitor, analyse and refine each journey until your business is thrive. 


From user research to market research, design through to testing. We make the process easy, we help you to rank better and convert the web traffic that we deliver. 


If you are interested in improving the UX of your website or want more of your traffic to convert ping us an email and let's arrange a call. Click Contact us to find out more.

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At SEOZA we consider ourselves to be an ambitious company, but we wouldn't be anything without our clients. We enjoy working with some great companies, companies who want their businesses to thrive online. If you own or manage a business or company that generates leads or sells product online then you are probably using SEO to increase the visibility of your site. If you have ambitious targets for your company you'll want to work with the best and we want to work with you. Send us an email or give us a call and let's talk about helping you to achieve those targets.

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