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SEO Strategy


Having a clear and defined strategy is the key to SEO success. Our strategists set realistic goals based on the clients sites age, authority and of course the competitiveness of the terms that they want to target. Following our audit we scour the web for high converting keywords and then build out the strategy to target them. Our phased approach makes sure that we are targeting 'money' terms from the get go. The SEO strategy becomes our road map. Our strategists our the secret weapon in the SEOZA armoury. 

SEO Strategy Agency London

Our approach to SEO strategy.

An SEO strategy is a critical in assisting a website to thrive online. Like all marketing, the plan has to reflect the target audiences requirements. We need to understand their needs and deliver a strategy that is perfectly placed to deliver them to your site at the right time. This of course has to fit with the businesses goals and targets. 

Once the target market is established we then move onto researching and assessing keywords that your customers will be using. Understand the search volumes and in turn competitiveness of those keywords. Always looking for gaps that your competitors may have missed or new opportunities that our clients can exploit. 


Using information captured and assessed during the SEO audit, we then go onto create a road map of works. Works that include technical SEO, fixes to UX and the creation of a content plan. The strategy is designed to fix highest priority issues first. However, sometimes we front load  some additional 'low fruit' opportunities that start to generate traffic quickly. Our objective is to start delivering return on investment as soon as we can whilst delivering on the long term goals of the plan.

The SEO strategy document or road map becomes the guiding light of the campaign. Providing insight into our actions and a schedule of works that can be monitored by you the customer. 

At SEOZA our strategies are designed to be effective. Effective at delivering the right traffic and in turn leads, customers or conversions for our customers businesses. If you are interested in us putting together an SEO strategy for your business why not get in touch and order a free SEO audit of your site. You can do this be contacting us here. Or you can click the link and read more about our Content Marketing Services

If you are an ambitious business we want to talk to you.

At SEOZA we consider ourselves to be an ambitious company, but we wouldn't be anything without our clients. We enjoy working with some great companies, companies who want their businesses to thrive online. If you own or manage a business or company that generates leads or sells product online then you are probably using SEO to increase the visibility of your site. If you have ambitious targets for your company you'll want to work with the best and we want to work with you. Send us an email or give us a call and let's talk about helping you to achieve those targets.

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