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SEO Audits


An SEO audit is the very first place that we start when compiling a strategy for a new client. We need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the customers website(s), understand its successes and identify the opportunity. Our SEO audits are put together by humans using the very latest tech and systems. Our audits thoroughly examine a websites on and off page signals where it is then passed to our strategists who can create a plan to target high traffic keywords, rank against them and generate high value traffic. 

SEO Audits London

Our approach to SEO audits.

The aim of the SEO audit is to determine where a clients website is positioned within search engines, identify the website's strengths and weaknesses and is a precursor to defining an SEO strategy from which the site can then be targeted.

Our approach to SEO audits can be summarised in a single word 'thorough'.  The audit is broken down into four main areas, each of which is then investigated in greater detail. These four areas focus on Content, Backlinks, User Experience and Technical SEO. 


Technical SEO is the process of optimising your website to be crawled effectively, it also refers to coding within the site that includes meta data. We fully audit the sites set up and structured and then make recommendations from which this can be improved, giving the website the best possible opportunity to be indexed and in turn ranked. 


Our content review focuses on the amount and quality of the content on the website. A full review of the content and in turn its focus allows us to identify missed opportunities and moving forward create content strategies that exploit these opportunities


Back links remain a key ranking signal to search engines. As part of our SEO audit we undertake a full back link analysis, understanding; numbers and quality of back links. Highlighting opportunities and risks that exist within the back link profile. 


User experience is also factor that we review, many SEO's miss this key factor when optimising a sites ability to rank. A site mustn't just be focused on a keyword it also needs to deliver the value when a potential customers arrives at the site. if traffic readily bounces or the period of time spent on the website is short, Google will realise this and deem it irrelevant. improving the user experience is also a key to delivering conversions. 

Aside these key areas we also go on to understand other elements such as the age of a site, current levels of organic traffic, keyword positions and opportunities, is it secure, it's speed and load time as well as many many other factors. The SEO audit is the first stage in developing a websites SEO strategy. We make sure that this initial examination is thorough and we leave nothing to chance. 


Contact us today about claiming your free SEO audit. Alternatively read more about our approach to SEO Strategy.  


If you are an ambitious business we want to talk to you.

At SEOZA we consider ourselves to be an ambitious company, but we wouldn't be anything without our clients. We enjoy working with some great companies, companies who want their businesses to thrive online. If you own or manage a business or company that generates leads or sells product online then you are probably using SEO to increase the visibility of your site. If you have ambitious targets for your company you'll want to work with the best and we want to work with you. Send us an email or give us a call and let's talk about helping you to achieve those targets.

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